Day 4 of Forever

Having some serious bi-polar esque emotions tonight.

The blizzard like storm that fell on the Pacific NW should have been a clear sign of where the day was going to go.

First, let’s address the weather. Remember when I mentioned I was asked to go to rehab for a therapy session with my love and her counselor? And remember how it’s hours away…well, they closed the freeway. What’s the slogan? Go by train…and that’s exactly what I’m doing. For most of you that live in an area where it’s a common form of transportation, you may think I am being dramatic…but here in the Pacific NW, it’s not common…I get in my car, and drive. So, tomorrow will be an experience. Regardless, I am determined to get there.

Second, I had a minor meltdown in the store…ok, maybe it wasn’t so minor. I stood there between throws and pet clearance and cried. And not the pretty kind, the full on ugly-sob-can’t-catch-my-breath cry. Why? Well, we can get into that another day. Most likely tomorrow…

She sounded really good tonight, a slight cold making her voice sound different. I miss her. Miss her mega-watt smile. Miss her smell. Miss sitting with her. Miss her.

Tomorrow, Melanie, tomorrow.

Day 4 of Forever

– Melanie



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