Day 7 of Forever – Afternoon

Just an afternoon update of my train adventure…

The 30min delay turned into 2 hours, of which I made a bed on a bench and closed my eyes. (There are probably people that would have paid $$$ for that sight. But hey, it’s a new life!)

There were two passengers chatting, taking the train to the airport…panicking as the local metro trains are not running. They decided they would share a taxi. We arrived at the station (finally). And one more person was joining their ride. As we walked out, there were no taxi’s to be found. At this point, I was feeling a little bad for them…the following words came out of my mouth ‘hey, if you need a ride, I’d be happy to take you. I have to go to the airport anyway’. (I really did as I have been needing to pick up my love’s paycheck, turn in her keys and security access badge…but who wants to go to the airport to do that…so I have been avoiding the errand…)

‘Really??’ They say. ‘Yes, I say. I’d be happy to.’ ‘Do you have enough room?’ They ask. ‘Yes, I have a suv, with all wheel drive. It’s two blocks away in a garage, I promise I will be back.’ So off I went, when I arrived, there was one more person with them. So, four new friends and I zipped (through the snow and ice) to the airport. They were on time for their flights, and I finally ran my errand. On the plus side, I have made an acquaintance to have coffee or dinner with when I head back down!

Pay it forward.

Day 7 of Forever – Afternoon

– Melanie


2 thoughts on “Day 7 of Forever – Afternoon”

  1. Hang in there. Stumbled on your blog looking around debating about writing my own – something about being 10 years sober and vegan – guess its a mixed bag. Take all this 1 day at a time — all those cheezy sayings – there’s something to them. Most things are manageable in small bites.

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