Day 11 of Forever


Pretty exhausted today…however, I met a good friend for dinner, fish tacos and ice tea, good laughs…about the summer that keeps on giving.

Many nights we spent out with our friend Jenny and her new beau, who we now refer to as ‘Doner’. In our home, we had hangovers…Jenny on the other hand gets her present in about a month and a half. Doner has split, and my love is in treatment…but damn, quite a summer.

Pulling up to the neighborhood, I see another accident. It’s pretty bad. Literally behind my house…don’t think the passenger made it. So very very sad. This is the 3rd accident within the month.

I will say this, there was some peace tonight knowing it wasn’t my love. Many many nights I pull up to the neighborhood and I see the emergency vehicle lights, and I pray that I don’t see her truck. 

I pray I never have that fear again.

On a really great note…all my love’s blood work came back in normal ranges! Thank god – been pretty worried. She definitely has an angel watching over her. It’s strange to write that…and know that on the other side of my fence someone lost their life tonight. 

No regrets, love big, and fight hard. 

Day 11 of Forever

– Melanie

Pic was taken this summer…you can probably imagine the lovely days had by all…especially Jenny. 🙂

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